lunes, 26 de abril de 2010


The temptation



As soon as I felt those strong yet feminine fingers touching my skin, going deeper, harder with every push, making me afraid of what it was to come yet desperately wishing the feeling wouldn't abandon me. I knew this time it would be different, not that I hadn't gone through it before,..but I had never needed it SO BADLY...I had nearly forgotten what it felt like to have someone touch me this way..I moaned with a mixture of pain and anticipation, a drop of perspiration running slowly down my cleavage...those strong hands would stop at nothing...and I knew it was too late to stop it...undressed and already there, I decided to let go that feeling of guilt...when the thought of my husband softly crept in my mind....I assured myself it would be alright; at this hour of the day he would know I would be at work..,and GOD didn't I deserve to indulge myself this way?.As I felt something hard running up and down my spine, sucking up my skin without mercy,.. suddenly..GOD! again that mixture of pain and pleasure..NOW I KNEW I HAD TO GO ALL THE WAY............SO I decided to enjoy every step of the way and be alert for every second....of THE MOST EXCRUCIATING AND ADDICTIVE PAIN I HAD EVER EXPERIENCED.

I now know why they recommended me a Thai massage…what were you thinking of?

Y el regalo sorpresa para un cumpleaños irrepetible.
Es un magnífico relato de Merche, yo sólo puse los títulos.

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